EU Law, competition and regulation

We are Stibbe EU Law, Competition and Regulation specialists

Our experience in EU and competition law ensures we are able to handle the most complex domestic or international matters for our clients.

EU Law, Competition and Regulation

With proven experience in this often-complex area of law, our experts have successfully defended clients in landmark cases in Belgium, the Netherlands and the EU. 

Our expert team has particular expertise in national and transnational cartels and litigation together with regulatory issues in many areas such as the energy, health, communications, media and transport sectors. With regard to litigation, we represent clients with cases brought before the national courts, competition authorities, the General Court, the European Court of Justice and the EU Commission.

As part of our wide-ranging service we handle EU competition law, national competition law, EU law, internal market secondary legislation, regulated markets and unfair commercial practices.

In addition, we assist clients in a large number of civil claims for damages for infringements of competition law.

On the menu to the right you will find a list of the specialisms we provide our clients including local companies, multinationals, associations, national and international governments and institutions.

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10.03.2022 EU law
De Dataverordening (“Data Act”)

Short Reads - De Europese Commissie heeft op 23 februari 2022 de Europese dataverordening (“Data Act”) voorgesteld, die het delen van data beoogt te bevorderen. Steeds meer gegevens worden door mensen en machines gegenereerd, bewaard en hergebruikt. Data en data-analyse kan een bijdrage leveren aan de efficiëntie van maatschappelijke processen, onderzoek en innovatie stimuleren en het concurrentievermogen van industrieën versterken. Veel data is echter niet vrij toegankelijk.  

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02.03.2022 EU law
Duality on dual distribution resolved?

Short Reads - Nothing is more fickle than information exchange: it changes colour under EU competition rules depending on the nature of the relationship between the exchanging companies. The distinction becomes particularly blurry in relationships that go beyond the traditional horizontal and vertical ones, such as in dual distribution, where a supplier sells goods or services both directly and through independent distributors.   

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05.04.2022 NL law
Game on for gatekeepers: Digital Markets Act finalised

Short Reads - Now that political agreement has been reached on the final text, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) will enter into force soon. The DMA’s ex ante rules and obligations will apply next to the ad hoc EU and national competition rules. Time for big digital companies to take stock of the potential implications of these additional rules on their day-to-day business operations. See our infographic for a concise overview of the DMA.

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04.04.2022 EU law
ACM jumps on gun-jumping bandwagon

Short Reads - Companies involved in multi-step acquisitions should beware of potential gun-jumping risks. The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has fined a trade association for failing to notify the acquisition of four pharmacies involving a consecutive partial resale. Unlike the European Commission’s gun-jumping fine for partial implementation of a concentration through a ‘warehousing’ two-step acquisition (see our July 2019 newsletter; appeal pending), the ACM’s fine relates to faulty turnover calculations due to an unmaterialized two-step transaction.

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03.03.2022 EU law
Sustainability solutions sussed out soon

Short Reads - More antitrust clarity has arrived for companies involved in sustainability collaborations. The European Commission published draft revised rules on horizontal cooperation agreements and the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets informally approved two green initiatives in the energy sector. Despite their differing views on how to assess out-of-market benefits in a sustainability context, both authorities share an eagerness to promote green initiatives with clear guidance.

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04.04.2022 EU law
The ECN+ Directive implemented in Belgium and introduction of merger filing fees

Short Reads - On 7 March 2022, the Act implementing the ECN+ Directive into Belgian law was published in the Belgian Official Gazette. The Act entered into force on 17 March 2022. Some of the key amendments include (i) the introduction of filing fees for the notification of a concentration, (ii) new fines and penalty payments (including clarifications on the leniency programme), (iii) new dawn raid powers and (iv) the introduction of a regulatory framework for mutual assistance and cooperation within the European Competition Network.

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02.03.2022 EU law
Pfizer may be off the hook, but ACM pharma supervision continues

Short Reads - Pharma companies beware: discount schemes by former patent owners raise red flags at competition authorities. On 11 February 2022, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) announced it has dropped its abuse of dominance investigation into drug manufacturer Pfizer after it agreed to discontinue its discount structure for hospitals buying its drug Enbrel.

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