Value added services

As part of our commitment to servicing our clients’ business and legal needs, we provide a suite of useful resources to help them stay up to date with legal developments and get specific tasks done.

Our offering includes solutions for knowledge sharing, project management and collaboration, legal tech and AI. A selection of our value added services and tools can be found below.

Knowledge sharing

In today's fast changing business environment, staying up to speed on the latest regulations is crucial to anticipate future developments and to proactively handle any potential issues that could affect your business. Our knowledge-sharing solutions have been designed to help our clients’ business comply with ever-changing legislation and regulation.


MyStibbe is our online knowledge-sharing platform that offers 24/7 access to up-to-date and tailored legal content and is valued by clients as a one-of-a kind source of knowledge. Our legal experts continuously update the content on the platform to deliver the latest information based on your interests and specific needs. We frequently discuss our clients’ knowledge-sharing needs, enabling us to develop the MyStibbe platform constantly to meet their needs.


On MyStibbe we offer practical legal tools to help clients gain insights into and easily review and comply with regulations and changes in the law, such as our UBO Webtool, our Listed Companies Webtool and our Transition Payment Calculation tool.

Newsletters and alerts

Through our newsletters and alerts, we provide you with a personalised selection of our publications and insights. Receive a daily or weekly overview of recent legal developments on your topics of interest in your mailbox.

Legal training sessions, seminars and webinars

Throughout the year, we host a large number of training programmes, seminars and webinars on current legal issues to keep clients up to date on industry trends and legal developments. Recurring events include various masterclasses and annual legal updates.

INSEAD mini MBA highlights course

In cooperation with INSEAD, one of Europe’s most renowned business schools, we have developed an exclusive Master of Business Administration highlights course or ‘mini’-MBA which is attended by a group consisting of members of in-house legal teams of our key clients and senior associates of our own firm.

Legal visual design

In increasingly complex issues, a clear understanding of the coherence of all the aspects involved is crucial. Visualisation is a powerful tool to convey complex information and reinforce a message. We use infographics and visuals to summarise complex legal content, to clarify our position in legal matters or to explain new legislation in a clear and accessible way.

Project management and collaboration

Stibbe Collaborate, our highly secure collaboration platform, enables us to work effectively and efficiently with our clients, including document management, insights into cases and business information through reports and data visualisation, and the co-creation of specific, tailor-made tools.

Transaction management platform

Our transaction management platform allows us to collaborate effectively on complex transactions. It includes dashboards displaying insight into tasks and deadlines, as well as document management and automation options.

Mass claim management platform

Our mass claim management platform is custom-made to manage multiple proceedings in different jurisdictions. It allows our lawyers to collaborate with our clients and co-counsel worldwide, ensuring document management and providing insight into tasks, document management and deadlines.

Legal tech and AI services

We combine our legal expertise with smart working processes and technology to provide our clients with the best experience. With the help of legal tech solutions, we can execute projects with higher quality and faster delivery. The use of technology enables us to automate and accelerate processes where possible and to focus on what we do best: providing high-end legal advice to our clients.


Analytics and e-discovery

We use advanced software for efficient and automated analysis of large data sets, for example in due diligence investigations, in litigation, or when answering regulatory requests. AI-based software makes it possible to review a high volume of documents in a short time span. In the context of GDPR compliance, this allows the automatic or semi-automatic redaction of personal data.