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Safeguarding the environment

Safeguarding the environment

We review our environmental impact every year, constantly reassessing our measures to ensure we meet sustainability goals.

Helping to ensure a better tomorrow

We are concerned about pollution and the depletion of natural resources. As such, we feel it is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

As part of this firm-wide commitment, we have begun to take measures to reduce our carbon footprint. These include installing energy saving technology, encouraging our people and clients to use public transport and using IT and telecommunication technology to reduce commuting.

Traditionally, a law firm consumes large amounts of paper. However, by investing in state-of-the-art archiving and a digital work environment, we significantly reduce our paper usage.

Every little bit helps the environment: we reimburse public transport costs to encourage everyone to use it; we sort waste daily; and we run a green ICT programme.

  • The new Stibbe headquarters of Amsterdam meets BREEAM Excellent durability standards

    The new office of 15,000 m2 is designed to facilitate the new way of working at Stibbe and meets BREEAM Excellent durability standards. Eco-friendly aspects of the building include green roofs and a thermal storage system. The eye-catching design of each floor is open and transparent, which creates a sense of freedom and space. From the top floor there are magnificent panoramic views across the city.

    A number of notable technical solutions have been implemented to achieve BREEAM Excellent status.


  • Stibbe assists OXFAM/WWF

    In 2012, we provided advice for the Legal Resource Initiative (LRI) created by Oxfam and the WWF in the preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC), Cancun Summit in Mexico. This included matters in relation to the Kyoto Protocol (KP), public international law, an assessment of the Copenhagen Accord, the Gigaton Gap and the possible consequences between the first KP and the next.

  • Stibbe reduces CO2 levels

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    Our Amsterdam office purchased Gold Standard VER (Voluntary Emission Reduction) credits, selecting to represent a wind farm in Turkey that will feature 20 turbines. The project is expected to generate a total of 61,410 tonnes of CO2 GHG emission reduction by clean renewable electricity each year.

    Today our Amsterdam office’s Carbon Floor Plan (CFP) is measured at 775 tons CO2. Although we are pleased it has been reduced, we will continue to find ways to lower it further.