At Stibbe, we set great store by sustainability and aim to reduce our environmental impact to the absolute minimum.

Our environmental policy is implemented by our constant investment in energy saving technology. Currently, 70% of the energy in our Amsterdam office comes from wind and solar. Our Amsterdam office building is CO² neutral and gained the BREEAM 'In Use' Asset Performance (excellent), Building Management (excellent) and Occupier Management (very good) certificates, in recognition of our ambition to improve the sustainability of our office building and the way we make use of it. Other examples of our environment-friendly initiatives include the green sedum roof on the entire east wing, the nesting boxes and the thermal energy storage we use to cool and heat our building. Our Brussels office was the first Belgian law firm to invest in a climate-impact-offsetting project to neutralise its carbon footprint. We have been monitoring our CO² emissions since 2013 and have since then managed to reduce our carbon footprint every year.

At Stibbe, we set great store by sustainability and aim to reduce our environmental impact to the absolute minimum.Our procurement policy entails that we check the efforts our suppliers make to be or become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and that we aim to work with suppliers who have a clear CSR policy in place. In addition, we buy "green" products where possible.

We encourage everyone working at Stibbe to use bikes and public transport. Our Amsterdam office has office bikes available for short distance travel to external meetings. Our Brussels office installed a bike-and-shower station along with charging stations for cars and bicycles to encourage sustainable commuting. In addition, we continuously implement new IT and telecommunications technology to reduce commuting.

Our offices have also implemented a state-of-the-art digital work environment which allows us to significantly reduce our paper usage. We banned plastic cutlery and cups and installed water purification plants to ensure that our employees have access to purified and chilled tap water.