European Law Incubator

European Law Incubator

European Law Incubator

Since 2014 Stibbe Amsterdam and Stibbe Brussels are assisting final-year law students with providing free, pro bono legal advice on matters concerning information technology law, privacy, and intellectual property law.

Stibbe Amsterdam participates in De Clinic programme, facilitated by the Institute for Information Law (IViR) of the University of Amsterdam and endorsed by the Amsterdam Economic Board.

Stibbe Brussels participates in KU Leuven’s ICT Law Incubator project. Together with the “mentors” from Stibbe Brussels, the students provide legal advice to two start-ups, FEops and UxProbe.

Arno Soontjens of W3Technics, one of the start-ups supported by Stibbe Brussels, states: “Being a start-up without funding, getting decent answers to all of our legal questions can be really hard, as we don't have the means to pay for professional advice. The IusStart program gave us access to sound legal advice and counseling from master students of KU Leuven, under the expert professional guidance of the lawyers of Stibbe. For us as starting entrepreneurs, this cooperation is extremely valuable and helpful.”

Both the ICT Law Incubator project and De Clinic programme are part of the European Law Incubator project iLinc. This project aims to provide free legal support to start-ups whilst offering postgraduate law students the opportunity to gain practical experience. iLINC is supported by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union and is part of EU Hub. Other participating universities are Queen Mary University of London, Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research Hamburg, and associate partner to the project, The Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy of the University of Brooklyn in New York.

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