Defining our responsibilities

Defining our responsibilities

We understand that CSR can positively impact society beyond our immediate work. It’s why we teach free law classes at schools, providing disadvantaged children with a practical understanding and a deeper appreciation of our legal system.

CSR values at Stibbe

As a reputable law firm with a proud history, we feel responsible for the development of a more sustainable society. For this reason, CSR is an integral part of our culture and we have defined clear principals to support it.

Our first responsibility is towards society at large. Because legal representation is a foundation of a healthy economy and society, we serve our clients independently, critically and honestly, and invest in socially and legally relevant pro bono work.

Our second responsibility is towards our own people. We provide all members of our firm with the environment and the facilities that encourage them to develop their full potential. We also offer flexible work solutions so they can combine their practice with family life.

Our third responsibility is towards the communities in which we work and live. We use our means and abilities to engage in social, cultural and scientific sponsorship, supporting our local communities.

Our fourth responsibility is towards a more sustainable environment. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by embracing new technologies and by changing the behaviour of our people.

We will pursue each of our CSR values with the same drive we bring to our legal advice. Over the next few years we aim to take practical steps with qualitative and quantitative goals, with our entire business contributing to their fulfilment.