Creating a diverse, inclusive and supportive culture

Creating a diverse, inclusive and supportive culture

Being a diverse group of people reflecting different talents, backgrounds and opinions, makes us more effective lawyers.

Diversity is paramount to us

To provide our clients with effective legal advice, we need to employ talented individuals. To ensure we attract and nurture this talent, we strive to create a diverse, inclusive and supportive culture in all our offices throughout the world.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our promotion of gender diversity and inclusion of diversity as part of our appraisals. We also focus on ethnic diversity in order to attract talented professionals from various backgrounds. To this end, we work closely with universities, recruitment agencies and student bodies to create opportunities for them.

In 2008, we signed the Talent to the Top charter in the Netherlands and we recently also joined the Woman in Law and the Legal Profession initiative in Belgium, which both call for an increase in the number of women in leadership positions. Please read more on this below. Part of these initiatives is to allow our people the flexibility to combine their work with family life. At Stibbe, both men and women take parental leave and we are very open to adaptable work arrangements.

Furthermore, we invest heavily in the personal and professional development of our people. For example, junior associates attend internal training programmes that increase their personal effectiveness and professional abilities. We are also dedicated to developing our people worldwide and send both associates and clients to the Stibbe MBA Highlights Programme.

Our commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive and supportive culture is something that will continue to grow and evolve, benefitting all our lawyers and staff members present and future.

  • Stibbe sponsors sports events

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    For years our people have participated in sports events raising money for local charities. For example, in 2011 our Amsterdam office collected money for the War Child charity with several employees running the New York, London or Amsterdam marathons. We also participate in the annual Amsterdam City swim for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

    In Belgium we participate in the Legal Run as part of the open 20km run through Brussels. Local charities benefit from this event with numerous international law firms participating every year.

  • Stibbe supports Women in Law and Leadership

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    Every year one or more of our Brussels female associates participates in the Women in Law and Leadership (WILL) initiative, designed to provide encouragement and support for talented women in law firms.

    The programme brings women together from various fields in small groups to foster and encourage their professional development and raise awareness of key issues.