Stibbe sponsors weekend schools

Stibbe sponsors weekend schools

Providing extra education to children with underprivileged backgrounds aged 10-14.

Helping children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

We are very proud to sponsor both the IMC Weekendschool in Amsterdam and the Toekomst-Atelier de l’Avenir in Brussels. Their aim is to decrease the high number of unemployed youth, school drop-outs and improve social mobility. 

Every Saturday, people who are passionate about their field of expertise including doctors, journalists, musicians, astrologists and lawyers, provide their expertise not just for extra lessons, but to inspire the children about their future. They are also taught softer skills such as presentation skills, teamwork and negotiation tactics.

In addition to financial support from Stibbe, our lawyers help out during field trips, teach and inspire the children what it means to be a lawyer and what it takes to study the subject.

With this project Stibbe is committed to helping disadvantaged children to gain perspective on what their future could hold, inspiring motivation to achieving it and providing the self confidence they’ll need to get there.

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