Building stronger communities

Building stronger communities

CSR is integral to the social function of a lawyer or notary, so it is our responsibility to use our expertise to contribute to social change.

Building stronger communities

We feel it is both our duty and our privilege to return something to the communities in which we operate. It’s why we sponsor cultural events, scientific pursuits and children in need. We not only provide financial support, but also share our knowledge and practical support through our active board membership of several NGOs.

For example, our Amsterdam office has been a proud sponsor and contributor of the IMC Weekendschool for many years. This worthy cause provides extra education to socially disadvantaged children aged 10 to 14. In addition to financial support and helping out during field trips, our people teach what it means to be a lawyer and what it takes to study law.

In Brussels, we sponsor Toekomst-Atelier de l’Avenir, the Belgian equivalent of the IMC Weekendschool. They offer extra-curricular, learning activities to motivated children from 10 to 14 who live in in the disadvantaged neighborhoods in Brussels. The idea is not to provide them with extra lessons, but to inspire them for their future through the passion and knowledge of those who have succeeded in their profession.

Across our offices around the world, we are proud to contribute to society and we will never cease to invest our time, money and energy in this area.

  • Stibbe gives training to Flemish NGO Federation

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    For two years in a row already, Stibbe’s Public Law team gives a morning training session on public procurement law to the members of the Flemish NGO Federation. Partner Frederik Vandendriessche, together with Counsel Leen De Vuyst, provides a legal overview and update on the new public procurement legislation in Belgium. During the interactive training session, participants have the opportunity to ask specific legal questions and put forward for discussion any public procurement issues that they face in their practice.

  • Stibbe assists PAG-ASA vzw

    Legal advice to victims of human trafficking

    Since 2008, the Brussels office has supported the PAG-ASA vzw, a non-governmental organisation that provides shelter, as well as legal advice to victims of human trafficking and cooperates with the relevant authorities in the combat against trafficking networks.   

    A pool of motivated trainees led by Belgian litigation partner Hans Van Bavel assists PAG-ASA and the victims with their representation before the criminal courts in order to defend their rights and claim damages.

  • Stibbe's LL.M.'s scholarship

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    We proudly teamed up with the Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F) to create the Stibbe Ludovic De Gryse LL.M. Scholarship. Its aim is to finance a Belgian student who pursues a Master of Laws (LL.M.) at an American university of his/her choice. The Stibbe Ludovic De Gryse LL.M. Scholarship was granted for the first time in 2013.

  • Stibbe sponsors arts and sciences

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    One of the cultural icons we sponsor in Amsterdam is the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, widely considered to be one of the world’s best symphony orchestras. Furthermore, during our centenary in 2011, we sponsored the Hermitage Amsterdam, both financially and with pro bono work. We have also advised the Rijksmuseum on a pro bono basis.

  • Stibbe sponsors weekend schools

    Helping children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods

    We sponsor two worthy causes that aim to provide education for socially disadvantaged children aged 10-14. In Amsterdam this is called the IMC Weekendschool and in Brussels the Toekomst-Atelier de l’Avenir. Their aim is not just to educate children, but to inspire them about their future.

  • Stibbe supports Conservamus

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    Launched by a group of music lovers who share a concern for, and commitment to, Brussels music life, Conservamus is a non-profit organisation and a community project that aims to protect the buildings of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels. For several years now our Brussels office has invited clients to the Gala Conservamus to financially support the ambitious renovation project. We are proud to assist them in achieving their goals.