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Want a head start in your career? We’ve got it all here for you.

Want a head start in your career? We’ve got it all here for you.

Off to a good start

From day one, you are part of the firm. But our large size does not mean you’ll be just a number. In fact, it will be quite the opposite: you’ll be part of a relatively small team whose members are all friendly and collegial. There will certainly be dedicated, supportive people around you to whom you can call on anytime. They will help you learn and grow in many ways that will shape you to become a successful professional and individual.

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Partners give me feedback directly all the time. This is one of the reasons why I find the working experience at Stibbe to be an excellent learning one with an ideal environment that can help any young lawyer build his or her career in law.

Jan Joos Stibbe
Jan Joos
Junior Associate
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Junior Associates

Whether you have a few years of experience or are just starting out, Stibbe is your stepping stone to the exciting law career you’re looking for. We give you the opportunity to advise, negotiate, and be involved in diverse and interesting cases from the very start.

Experienced colleagues will guide you along the way, and we'll equip you with all the skills that will enable you to become successful. You’ll be using English, French, and Dutch daily, so this will surely help you to sharpen your language skills. And you’ll be working in a multi-cultural environment with colleagues from different backgrounds, other practice groups, different Stibbe offices, and even leading firms around the globe from our close network.

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Join us as an intern

Our internship programmes are the perfect way for us to get to know each other: you experience our firm’s culture and working environment firsthand, and we learn about your interests, talents, and capabilities.

Are you a third-year bachelor’s degree student? Or a first- or second-year master’s degree student? If you are, then you’re eligible to apply for one of our internships.

Some universities have an off-campus practical training internship as part of their degree programme, with some even replacing a theoretical course. This is called an academic internship. If this appeals to you, check with your university to see if they allow you to intern at a law firm as part of its master’s degree programme. If they do, apply for our academic internship.

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