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The business side of a law firm needs specialists like you

The business side of a law firm needs specialists like you

It takes more than an experienced lawyer to provide excellent services to our clients. In fact, professionals from other disciplines are central to the firm. They are directly tied to Stibbe’s enhanced collaboration, productivity and success. Our lawyers rely on the first-rate support from our highly skilled support services teams. If you’re seeking a challenging career in the legal sector, an enabling environment that fosters personal and career growth and development, apply for one of our vacancies in any of our business support teams: Assistants, Business Development, Marketing and Communications, Client Administrators, Facilities, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, ICT, Knowledge Management, Risk Management and Compliance, Professional Support Lawyers, and Reception.

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By working closely together, we offer our clients excellent services, and in the meantime we benefit from learning every single day. I enjoy coming to work, seeing colleagues and facing new challenges in this fast-paced environment every day.

Petra Seghers Stibbe
Petra Seghers
BD Coordinator
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Legal & Executive Assistants

As a legal assistant, you are our lawyers’ right hand. You support team members of a practice group because they depend on you. You are responsible for administrative and organisational tasks in all client matters. And you fill a vital role in Stibbe’s delivery of excellent services to our clients. The work will be challenging at times, but your colleagues will guide you and be ready to assist you at all times. We also offer regular training opportunities for you to develop and improve technology skills and interpersonal skills.

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Business support teams

Stibbe’s business support teams are at the heart of the firm’s operations and the quality of service we provide to our clients. Every business team member shares a common goal at Stibbe: to provide maximum value to our clients by ensuring that every element on the business side of Stibbe is aimed at meeting our clients’ needs: from infrastructure to human capital, from marketing to knowledge-sharing, and from finance to information technology.

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Join us as an intern

Our internship programmes are the perfect way for us to get to know each other: you experience our firm’s culture and working environment firsthand, and we learn about your interests, talents, and capabilities.

Are you a student looking for an interesting work experience? Stibbe is always looking for interns to join its business support teams. We hold interviews all year round for internships.

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