Male Stibbe employee sitting with his laptop at a table and having a laugh with a female colleague on the rooftop terrace at Stibbe in Brussels

Welcome to Stibbe Brussels

Welcome to Stibbe Brussels

About us

Stibbe is a leading, independent Benelux law firm. With around 150 lawyers and 80 business professionals in our Brussels office, we provide our clients with the highest quality service in legal advice, transactions and litigation, covering all branches of commercial law.

When it comes to developing our human capital, we commit ourselves to personalising solutions, creating opportunities for talent and innovation, and encouraging social collaboration. We believe that these will enable every Stibbe member to achieve personal and professional growth and success.

Female Stibbe lawyer smiling at the camera while walking over the rooftop terrace at Stibbe in Brussels with her laptop under her arm

People at Stibbe simply bring out the best in each other in every situation. That’s how we realise our ambition to be the best internationally-oriented law firm in the Benelux.

Sofie Verhulst Stibbe
Sofie Verhulst
Head of HR
Male Stibbe lawyer sitting on a table with one foot resting on the table bench on the rooftop terrace at Stibbe in Brussels, looking sideways and smiling while holding his smartphone in both hands

Law Students & Graduates

We accept that each and every one of you is unique in your own way: your personality, your talents, your skills, and your potential. Bearing in mind your uniqueness and respecting you for who you are, we’ll guide you and help you as you embark on this exciting journey in law. Whether you wish to pursue an internship or start your career as a lawyer, you’ll discover invaluable opportunities in learning and development at Stibbe. We’ll equip you with skills that are tailored to your needs so that you can build a solid ground and get a head start over others in the legal sector.

Group of Stibbe colleagues enjoying their coffees and having a chat with each other at a table on the rooftop terrace of Stibbe in Brussels

Experienced Lawyers

We understand that career acceleration and advancement can mean different things to different people. Whatever it means to you, we want to hear about it and actively take part in helping you fast-track your career. Whether you’re seeking new skills, a sounding board, or personal coaching to advance to the next stage of your career as a lawyer, you’ll find it all at Stibbe: our commitment to you, our office environment, our clients and the work we do for them, and unlimited guidance and opportunities.

Two female Stibbe employees laughing while having a chat with each other in a meeting room at Stibbe in Brussels

Business Professionals

Business professionals are the specialists who run the business side of any law firm. They are central to the efficiency and success of the firm and to the quality of service to its clients. Stibbe relies on the expertise of professionals from all disciplines: Administration, Business Development, Compliance, Facilities, Finance and Accounting, HR, ICT, Knowledge and Risk Management, Marketing and Communications, etc. As a member of Stibbe’s business support team, you’ll be given continuous professional development training in all areas, from technology know-how to interpersonal skills.

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