Climate seminar

NL Law

Everyone is opposed to climate degradation, but who will foot the bill? Companies are in the spotlight as 'big polluters'. The government is introducing stricter laws and regulations. Environmental organisations are tightening the screws via the courts. And society is keeping a close and increasingly critical eye on the process.

We will primarily be focusing on the position of companies during the climate seminar. What are they required to do by law and case law? Can existing rights and permits be revoked? Will companies foot the entire bill for the climate transition? The attending Stibbe lawyers will discuss these and other questions with a special guest from the business community: Dyonne Rietveld, Senior Vice President at Uniper SE and Managing Director at Uniper Benelux. The basis for our discussion will be the idea that big steps need to be taken quickly to mitigate climate change to some extent, and that the transition to sustainability requires long-term cooperation between government, businesses and society. Large public and private investments are needed. Protecting the climate also requires a good investment climate, to which the law can contribute.

We would like to invite you to attend this seminar at our Amsterdam office. You can register by sending an e-mail to If this seminar is also of interest to others within your organisation, they are also cordially invited.

Practical information

  • Wednesday 29 March, 12.30 - 6 pm.
  • Participants in the seminar will earn 3 CPD points.
  • The seminar will be held in Dutch.