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Valerie van t Lam

Valérie van 't Lam

Specialising in administrative law, Valérie primarily focuses on environmental, planning, climate, circular economy, energy transition, sustainability, licensing, energy and regulatory issues guiding her clients through every matter.

Valérie acts for a wide range of businesses, developers and public bodies (municipalities and provinces) in environmental and planning law matters. She represents her clients before the Dutch courts and in negotiations with government agencies and other public authorities.

She has a Master of Dutch Law (private law and administrative law) (2000), and a PhD in environmental law (2005) from the University of Utrecht.

In addition, Valérie was a research assistant and teacher at the University of Utrecht from 2000 to 2005. She also taught environmental law at the University of Amsterdam from 2005 to 2007.

Valérie is editor of several leading Dutch environmental law magazines including ‘Tijdschrift voor Omgevingsrecht’ and ‘StAB’. She is also the annotator of the environmental law magazine ‘Milieu & Recht’.

  • Languages: Dutch, English
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 2008


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09.07.2020 NL law
Position paper: a more circular carpet industry in the Netherlands

Articles - Currently only 1-3% of European carpet waste is recycled. Together with Maurits de Munck, Ida Mae de Waal and Chris Backes (Utrecht University), Valérie van 't Lam has produced a position paper featuring recommendations for the European Commission on a more ‘circular’ carpet industry in the Netherlands. This position paper was commissioned by Excess Materials Exchange.

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29.04.2020 NL law
The effects of the coronavirus crisis on the European Emissions Trading System - amended 29 April 2020

Short Reads - Coronavirus measures are impacting many different areas of society and the economy. The European Emission Trading System (ETS) for CO2 emission allowances is also being affected. Reports claim that companies and factories in Europe have been shut down, or are running at less than full operational capacity (see, for example, het Financieel Dagblad, 19 March 2020). This may have an impact on the allocation and trading of emission allowances. In this blog post, we discuss three potential consequences.

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19.06.2020 NL law
Public Consultation on the Industry Carbon Tax Act: levy and trade in dispensation rights

Short Reads - The public consultation on the Industry Carbon Tax Act (Wet CO2-heffing industrie) began on 24 April 2020. The government has already announced the carbon tax in the Climate Agreement. The public consultation comes one year after the bill on the minimum carbon price for electricity production, which is similar to the Industry Carbon Tax Act in several respects, although the bill on the minimum carbon price for electricity generators is only applicable to electricity generators.

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29.04.2020 NL law
De effecten van de corona-crisis op het Europese emissiehandelssysteem – gewijzigd 29 april jl.

Short Reads - De corona-maatregelen hebben effect op veel verschillende gebieden binnen de samenleving en de economie. Ook het Europese emissiehandelssysteem voor CO2 emissierechten (ETS) ondervindt hiervan gevolgen. In verschillende nieuwsberichten is terug te lezen dat bedrijven en fabrieken in Europa zijn stilgelegd of slechts gedeeltelijk in werking zijn (zie bijvoorbeeld het Financieel Dagblad, 19 maart 2020). Dit kan gevolgen hebben op de toewijzing van en handel in emissierechten.

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06.05.2020 NL law
Consultatie van de Wet CO2-heffing industrie: heffing én handel in dispensatierechten

Short Reads - Op 24 april 2020 startte de consulatie van de Wet CO2-heffing industrie. Het kabinet kondigde de CO2-heffing al aan in het Klimaatakkoord. De consultatie volgt bijna een jaar later op het wetsvoorstel minimum CO2- prijs elektriciteitsopwekking. Dat wetsvoorstel toont op verschillende onderdelen gelijkenis met de Wet CO2-heffing industrie, maar het wetsvoorstel minimum CO2-prijs voor elektriciteitsopwekkers is uitsluitend van toepassing op elektriciteitsopwekkers.

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