Tom Barkhuysen

I am Tom Barkhuysen
Public Law specialist
Compliance and Sanctions specialist

Tom Barkhuysen

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Tom is a lawyer and acts for companies, developers and public bodies, such as municipalities, provinces, education and other public institutions, representing them in negotiations and before the Dutch and European courts. 

His specialisms include general administrative law, financial public law, compliance and sanctions, environmental law, expropriation, governmental liability, public access to governmental documents, public transport and aviation. Furthermore, he specialises in public law litigation, law of public organisations, fundamental human rights, state aid, European administrative law and education law.

Tom holds a part-time professorship in constitutional and administrative law at Leiden University. In addition he publishes and teaches on several administrative law issues.

He is a member of the executive board of the Dutch Administrative Law Association and the board of editors of the Netherlands Law Journal.

  • Languages: Dutch, English, German
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 1998
  • Partner since: 2012


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