Anna Collignon

I am Anna Collignon
Environment and Planning specialist
Compliance and Sanctions specialist

Anna Collignon

In addition to her responsibilities as board member, Anna leads our Environment & Planning practice. She is an expert in the complex areas of environment and enforcement law, with a special interest in permits, compliance and nitrogen related issues.

She works in close collaboration with her clients including a wide range of leading companies in the energy, industrial and chemical sectors. She also advises developers and public bodies, such as municipalities and provinces. Anna represents her clients before the Dutch courts and in negotiations with government agencies and other public authorities. In addition, she represents non-profit organisations in actions against the State.

In addition to her work for clients, she lectures on environmental law at the Judicial Study Center. Anna annotates for the Dutch Journal of Environmental Law.

Anna’s academic credentials include a Master of Laws in constitutional and administrative law and a postgraduate course in spatial planning and environmental law from the Grotius Academy in 2009. In that same year, she attended the Stibbe MBA Highlights Programme.

  • Languages: Dutch, English
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 2005
  • Partner since: 2017


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