Stibbe participates in AquaConnect programme

NL Law

The research programme AquaConnect involves a consortium working on solutions to enable the Netherlands and other delta areas to become self-sufficient in their supply of fresh water. The consortium of educational and knowledge institutions, companies, governments, and other parties is committed to the reuse of wastewater and brackish groundwater using new water purification technologies. Stibbe is legal advisor within this consortium.

Stibbe's work consists of sharing knowledge on legal and administrative aspects of fresh water governance related to the AquaConnect case studies with the researchers in WP5. In addition, the Stibbe team, led by Annalies Outhuijse, will organise a workshop with the AquaConnect stakeholders, dedicated to exchanging knowledge and experience on this subject.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has recently made available a grant of over four million euros for AquaConnect.