We are Stibbe PPP, PFI and DBFM(O) specialists

Our multidisciplinary teams handle matters for the full spectrum of project participants from governments over bidding consortia to lenders, providing a highly integrated approach to PPP, PFI and DMFM(O).


We have been involved in all landmark PPP/PFI projects with a DBFM(O) element in the Benelux – successfully closing complex voluminous projects. 

A key part of our service is the coordination of the myriad expertise necessary. We seamlessly integrate knowledge from public procurement, planning and permits, projects, corporate, competition, financial and (cross-border) tax techniques. All of which helps to enhance efficiency and value for our clients.

Our team has a close working relationship with the government and extensive experience in assisting private companies and lenders. This balance between public and private provides us with the ability to understand every aspect of a PPP project and bring mutual understanding to the negotiation table.

Handling matters for the infrastructure, accommodation and energy sectors, we deal with transaction management, securing ground acquisition, bid preparation, negotiation with various partners and drafting project-specific legislation. 

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