Stibbe represents bankruptcy trustees MC Slotervaart in dispute with medical specialists

NL Law
In summary proceedings against the bankruptcy trustees of the Amsterdam hospital MC Slotervaart, a group of medical specialists claimed they had been given insufficient time to make an offer to take over the bankrupt MC Slotervaart. The specialists applied to postpone the matter to submit an offer and to prohibit the bankruptcy trustees from selling assets in the meantime.

Stibbe represented the bankruptcy trustees. The summary proceedings judge of the Court of Amsterdam agreed with the defense put forward by the bankruptcy trustees that the specialists had been given just as much time as the other bidders to submit an offer and that further postponement to submit an offer was impossible, given the time needed for the careful transmission of the approximately 50,000 patient files, in the event a takeover would no go ahead. In view of the urgent nature of the matter, the summary proceedings judge has rejected the specialists’ claim in an oral decision of 9 November 2018.