Navigate the Belgian legal real estate landscape with confidence: your 2023 real estate guide is out

BE Law

​Our 2023 Belgian legal real estate guide covers most legal topics you will encounter as an investor in or developer of Belgian real estate, taking into account the latest legal reforms. Order your own complementary hard copy version now.

​The past four-decade period of steady inflation and growth is over. Current times are characterised by global economic volatility, geopolitical instability, European energy shortages, post-pandemic production and supply chain scarcities, growing social inequality, inflation reaching multi-decade highs and rising interest rates. Those trends, together with the bumpy transition to net-zero carbon emissions, are shaping today's real estate investment climate and legal landscape. 

Our 2023 real legal estate guide regroups the most common legal items you will encounter when acquiring or developing real estate in Belgium. It aims to provide you with a (simplified) legal reference work when investing or developing real estate in Belgium, taking into account the most recent legal developments.

Get your complementary copy by filling out your details here.

Get your complementary copy by filling out your details here.

Inside this guide:

  • Foreword
  • Investment market outlook for 2023
  • Comprehensive overview of rights in rem 
  • Step-by-step guidance on transferring property (incl. forward deals)
  • Overview of the most common Belgian investment vehicles (incl. funds)
  • Overview of the various lease forms
  • Environment and urban planning
  • ESG
  • Key aspects to consider when developing 
  • Financing options
  • Tax considerations
  • Insights into transactions with the public sector