Getting the Deal Through - Debt Capital Markets

NL Law

Marieke Driessen and Niek Groenendijk contributed the Dutch chapter on the law and practice of Debt Capital Markets in the multi-jurisdictional publication by to Getting the Deal Through/Lexology. The Netherlands has an active market for debt securities, with financial institutions, corporates and treasury and special purpose vehicles issuing debt instruments across the international spectrum, including commercial paper, bonds, structured notes, regulatory capital and ESG/sustainable finance instruments. In the chapter covering the Netherlands, Marieke and Niek provide a brief overview of the market and recent developments and discuss several key legal issues that affect a wide variety of debt capital market transactions in the Netherlands.

  • What types of debt securities offerings are typical, and how active is the market?
  • What are the filing and disclosure requirements?
  • What are the main developments of the past year and important trends looking forward, including in relation to ESG and sustainable finance?                       

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Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Debt Capital Markets.

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