Branda Katan to speak at the Internationaler Wirtschaftsrechtstag

Speaking slot
NL Law

Branda Katan will be speaking about collective actions in the Netherlands during the Internationaler Wirtschaftsrechtstag in Berlin on 11 November.

As Germany and Austria await their government's official proposals for the implementation of the Representative Actions Directive, the Netherlands has a long history of collective actions. In 2020, the Dutch regime underwent fundamental changes, allowing actions for damages on an opt-out basis. Experts from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands will discuss collective actions in a session moderated by Dr Astrid Auer-Reinsdorff and Dr Curschmann. As an expert in class actions in the Netherlands, Branda will contribute to the session from a Dutch perspective and share her experiences.

The session is part of the two-day programme of the Internationaler Wirtschaftsrechtstag that takes places in Berlin on 10 and 11 November 2022. With this event, Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht brings together cross-border legal experts from companies and independent law firms to discuss the international legal developments and implications resulting from an increasingly networked global economy.

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