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Organisations increasingly identify opportunities to make their business models more future proof, to become more sustainable or more ESG oriented, to adapt to and deal with climate change, and to tackle the scarcity of resources.

Now more than ever, organisations are held accountable for their role in the communities and environments in which they operate. The quickly evolving global developments, as well as the increasing legislation, regulations and standards, are changing the way companies conduct their business. Many of them reap benefits and opportunities from embracing ESG and leading the way in making businesses and their value chains more sustainable.

NL Law

Stibbe supports UN Special Rapporteur on Independence of Judges and Lawyers

Alongside other pro bono efforts from law firms across the world – amongst Mayer Brown – Stibbe has contributed to a multi-jurisdictional report looking at challenges to the independence of the judiciary throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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At Stibbe, we have a dedicated ESG & Sustainability focus group that provides companies and organisations in a broad range of sectors and industries with pragmatic and solution-oriented guidance in this context. In doing so, we seek to create long-term value together with our clients and build a more sustainable future.

We serve and represent our clients on all aspects of the UN Social Development Goals, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements, and other principles and standards relating to risk and compliance, transactions, litigation, and contacts with regulators, authorities and other stakeholders.

As a full-service firm with decades of experience, Stibbe advises on all relevant aspects of these matters and anticipates future developments that may impact your business and financial operations.

Our services range from providing strategic boardroom-level advice to implementing specific projects. Our teams combine expertise in the fields of sustainability strategy and corporate governance, circular economy, regulatory compliance, sustainable financing, financial and corporate reporting, employment and remuneration, diversity and inclusion, energy and environmental impact and planning, sustainable tax, supply chain management, human rights issues, and the management of accountability, enforcement and litigation risks.

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