Leen De Vuyst

I am Leen De Vuyst
Procurement Law specialist
Public Law specialist

Leen De Vuyst

Leen De Vuyst has extensive expertise in public law. Over the years, she has worked successfully on numerous complex cases involving the cooperation between public companies on the one hand and the private sector on the other.

Leen provides advice on public procurement, PPPs, the organic framework of government legal persons and the restructuring of public entities. She assists various public and private clients with their legal proceedings and decision making processes (such as preparing reports and drafts of decisions). She also advises public authorities on the drafting of laws, decrees and statutory acts. As a result, she is well acquainted with the functioning of public entities as well as the process that legislative texts have to entail. 

As regards public procurement, she provides strategic advice and assists clients with the setting-up of procurement procedures, including the drafting of publications and RFPs, assistance in the evaluation of the proposals and the drafting of evaluation reports. Leen also has particular expertise in ESA neutrality (ESA 2010). In addition, she represents clients in procedures before all types of courts such as the Council of State and the civil courts. 

Leen is the author of various publications on her areas of expertise and a regular guest speaker at seminars and conferences. She holds a master’s degree in Law and a postgraduate degree in Specialised Studies in Environmental Law from Ghent University. She also followed an additional training in Port Management at that same university. 

Leen joined the Brussels office of Stibbe in 2003.

  • Languages: Dutch, French, English
  • Admitted to the Brussels Bar: 2003


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