Jerome Aubertin

I am Jérôme Aubertin
Employment and Benefits specialist
Pensions specialist

Jérôme Aubertin

From both an analytical and practical perspective, Jérôme provides his clients with key knowledge and experience. Crucial to his approach is understanding how their business works, helping to create the most effective advice. 

Jérôme's key areas of specialism include labour law and social security law with a focus on all aspects of individual and collective employment law. He also assists clients in litigation matters with respect to employment law issues.

His specialisms extend to restructuring in all its forms, up to the filing of demands of what was traditionally referred to as early retirement schemes.

Furthermore, as part of a broader practice including employee benefits, Jérôme focuses on alternative remuneration schemes including bonus plans, stock option plans and group insurances.

  • Languages: French, Dutch, English
  • Admitted to the Brussels Bar: 2003
  • Partner since: 2013


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