Discover our SPC booklet

Discover our SPC booklet

Discover our SPC booklet

02.12.2021 EU law

Our Brussels IP/Life Sciences team has authored a booklet on the case-law of the Court of justice of the EU (CJEU) regarding supplementary protection certificates (SPCs).

This publication chronologically analyses the 46 decisions rendered by the CJEU since the entry into force of the first SPC Regulation in 1993. These decisions relate to human (including paediatric) and veterinary medicinal products as well as plant protection products.

Each decision rendered by the CJEU is summarised in one page, including case summary, graphics and keywords. The publication also includes a table of all decisions rendered per legal provision, which we will regularly update with the most recent judgments.

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Do not hesitate to contact our IP/Life Sciences team should you wish any further information.


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