E-book about the NOW scheme

E-book about the NOW scheme

E-book about the NOW scheme

22.04.2020 NL law

​​​The consequences of the measures taken because of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) affect almost all employers. On 17 March 2020, the government announced a package of new measures designed to save jobs and the economy​ with temporary financial arrangements for, among others, employers, SMEs and independent entrepreneurs. These measures are intended to preserve jobs and protect incomes.

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One of these measures is the introduction of the Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure to Preserve Employment (NOW). The NOW replaces the short-time working scheme (wtv) and was published on 1 April. Under the NOW, employers may qualify for a government subsidy to bridge a period of substantial decline in turnover. The subsidy is based on the wage and salary bill and can amount to up to 90% in proportion to the drop in turnover.

With the announcement of the NOW scheme there is more clarity about what the labour law landscape will look like in the coming period. Our Employment, Pensions and Incentives practice group has bundled the developments that followed each other quickly in recent weeks into an e-book. Among other things, this e-book provides clarification on the NOW, sickness, privacy, pensions and variable pay. The e-book serves as a reference work for employers and other (independent) entrepreneurs to support their business operations during the current corona crisis. 

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E-book Noodmaatregel Overbrugging Werkgelegenheid

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