Stibbe assists Re-Vive

Stibbe assists Re-Vive

Stibbe assists Re-Vive

28.08.2013 BE law

Stibbe assists Re-Vive – in accordance with its values and objectives: people, planet, and profit – in the legal aspects of the EKLA project in Brussels.


The project aims to redevelop the ancient “Vandenheuvel” brewery (6,275 sq.m) near the Brussels West Station. The site (approx. 25,000 sq.m in total) will be entirely redeveloped (after soil decontamination) into a brand new neighbourhood consisting of new housing, student housing, and social housing facilities (about 198 units with a total surface of 17,367 sq.m), a commercial area (999 sq.m), a day-care centre, and a school (which will host up to 250 children), and offices or other facilities (490 sq.m). In addition, 185 parking spaces will be available below the site with a total surface of 6,236 sq.m. A new park of 1,400 sq.m will also be developed on the site.


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