Stibbe assists the Belgian Buildings Agency

Stibbe assists the Belgian Buildings Agency

Stibbe assists the Belgian Buildings Agency

31.03.2009 BE law

Stibbe assists the Belgian Buildings Agency (federal government agency) on the construction of six prison compounds in Belgium.

Stibbe has a longstanding relationship with the Belgian Buildings Agency. Recently Stibbe was legal counsel to the Belgian Buildings Agency, providing advice on the public law, construction, and project financing aspects for the construction of 4 new prison compounds in Flanders and Wallonia. Financial close for these prisons was reached in 2011. The prison in Haren is the fifth and much larger project. Finally, we also assist and advise the Belgian Buildings Agency with the construction of the new prison building in Antwerp, based on a DBFM (Design, Build, Finance and Maintenance) formula. The new prison building in Antwerp is situated in the Masterplan 2008-2012-2016 for a prison infrastructure with humane circumstances.


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