Public Procurement

We are Stibbe Public Procurement specialists

We advise both public sector organisations and private sector companies on all aspects of competitive tender procedures from drafting documentation to litigation.

Public Procurement

Our specialists play a leading role in some of the largest and most complex public procurement and PPP projects in the Benelux, for both the (semi) public sector and private sector.

From the bidding process through to the contracting stage and final execution, we offer full legal assistance. The sectors we handle include construction and development, utilities, defence, ICT, services, and healthcare. Very often we work in close cooperation with the client’s project team, conversing on a daily basis to support their needs.

Our public procurement experts also handle the assignment and implementation of numerous public tenders. This includes designation of architects, engineering/study consultancies, general constructors, appointment of financiers and insurers, and supply contracts. We also help contracting authorities to set up transparent procurement procedures that are wholly compliant with the most recent EU and national procurement legislation, taking into account the particular interests of the authority concerned.  

As part of our comprehensive service, we act on high-profile disputes regarding public procurement before the courts and (in Belgium), the Council of State (Conseil d’État/Raad van State).

In the Netherlands, some of our lawyers have been appointed an expert in the 'Commission of Procurement Experts', formed by the State of the Netherlands to resolve procurement disputes. 

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19.07.2019 BE law
De vergroening van het openbaar vervoer

Articles - Op 20 juni 2019 werd Richtlijn 2019/1161/EU aangenomen. Deze Richtlijn wijzigt Richtlijn 2009/33/EG inzake de bevordering van schone en energiezuinige wegvoertuigen, ook gekend als de ‘Clean Vehicles Directive’. De nieuwe Richtlijn voorziet in minimumstreefcijfers voor overheidsopdrachten voor bussen, lichte bedrijfsvoertuigen, en vrachtwagens.

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13.12.2019 EU law
Kroniek van het Europese Aanbestedingsrecht

Articles - David Orobio de Castro, Erik Verweij, Iris Hendriksen en Simon Petiet schreven de kroniek van het Europese aanbestedingsrecht in het Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht. Deze kroniek vat een aantal belangrijke uitspraken samen van het Europese Hof van Justitie (Hof) op het gebied van het aanbestedingsrecht in de tweede helft van 2018 en de eerste helft van 2019. 

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18.07.2019 NL law
Geen concessieovereenkomst, geen inhouse-gunning OV-diensten aan interne exploitant op grond van de PSO-verordening

Short Reads - Het Hof van Justitie ("Hof") oordeelde onlangs in twee arresten ("Arrest I" en "Arrest II") dat artikel 5 lid 2 PSO-Verordening ("PSO") niet van toepassing is op de onderhandse gunning van opdrachten voor busdiensten die niet de vorm aannemen van een concessieovereenkomst. Artikel 5 lid 2 PSO bevat de voorwaarden voor onderhandse gunning van openbaredienstcontracten aan interne exploitanten.

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12.11.2019 EU law
Third country bids in EU procurement: always excluded?

Articles - The European Commission recently issued guidance on the participation of third country bidders in public procurement. It clarified bids may be excluded, but remains silent on whether they may be accepted and under which conditions. The Commission is of the opinion that contracting authorities or entities can exclude bids if no access is secured. However, it does not discuss if and under which conditions contracting authorities or entities can allow foreign bids if no access is secured.

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