Procurement Law

We are Stibbe Procurement Law specialists

With unique experience and expertise in procurement law, our specialists permanently advise contracting authorities and bidders with public procurement procedures and have been successful in many litigations.

Procurement Law

For many years our firm has specialised in procurement law covering many markets such as ICT-projects, public transport, public infrastructure and real estate, waste and energy. 

Through close cooperation between different practice areas within our firm such as public law, real estate, tax, permits, corporate & finance, IP and competition, we are able to handle all legal aspects of procurement law.

Our expert teams assist clients on a daily basis regarding procurement matters, examining the applicability of regulations, the regularity of the procedure for awarding public contracts and the regularity of the tenders submitted or to be submitted.

We also prepare draft tender documentation and decisions for contracting authorities – continuously trying to find both innovative and practical solutions in the interests of our clients.

We have proven experience in litigation before the civil courts and (in Belgium) the Council of State (Conseil d’État/Raad van State). 

On the menu to the right you will find a list of specialisms we provide to both the (semi) public sector such as local authorities, public companies, governmental institutions and utilities, and the private sector including financial institutions & ICT, construction and commercial companies.

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Market recognition

Chambers Award 2018

Belgium Law Firm of the Year

"the team has a high level of cohesion. The skills of the lawyers at the firm are very diverse but complementary at the same time."

Chambers Europe 2017, Public Law chapter
Who's Who Legal Awards 2018

Belgium Law Firm of the Year

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