Insurance and Reinsurance

We are Stibbe Insurance and Reinsurance specialists

Our experts provide highly comprehensive advice on all related areas of law regarding insurance and reinsurance matters.

Insurance and Reinsurance

Due to the full service nature of our firm, we are able to assist insurance or reinsurance companies, both domestic and international, in all legal matters from transactional advice to litigation.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we assemble a bespoke team of experts to address all issues concerned. The practice areas include personal injury, corporate transactions, life and non-life insurance, regulatory issues, product liability and professional liability. We also act on matters in niche areas like trade credit or securitisation.

Of particular note is our continuing assistance of a major insurance company in class action type litigation related to Branch 23 insurance products. Further to this, our litigation team handles the full range of matters from volume claims to complex insurance and reinsurance disputes including those before Belgium’s Supreme Court (Hof van Cassatie/Cour de cassation) and the Netherlands Supreme Court (Hoge Raad).

Should it be necessary, we draw upon the expertise of our criminal law practice.

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27.09.2017 BE law
L’assurance obligatoire de la responsabilité décennale des professionnels de la construction

Articles - La loi du 31 mai 2017 relative à l’assurance obligatoire de la responsabilité civile décennale des professionnels de la construction a été publiée au Moniteur belge du 9 juin 2017. Cette loi impose aux entrepreneurs, aux architectes et autres professionnels de la construction de faire assurer leur responsabilité décennale découlant des articles 1792 et 2270 du Code civil.

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30.05.2017 EU law
The Growth of Collective Redress in the EU: A Survey of Developments in 10 Member States—the need to maintain safeguards

Articles - In 2013, the European Commission adopted a Recommendation on Collective Redress. It invited Member States to adopt a collective redress framework by July 2016 that would include the features mentioned in the Recommendation and then by July 2017, to report to the Commission about the extent to which they had done so. On the basis of the Member States’ report, the Commission will assess whether further actions by the EU is required.

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What does a legal entity know?

Short Reads - In civil law many rules rely for their legal effect on the presence of certain knowledge or a certain intention with one of the parties. If the party at hand is a legal entity, like a limited company (besloten vennootschap), it can be difficult to determine what the entity knew. Fragments of information can be present in different parts of the organisation; an officer of the company may have gained his knowledge trough his private life; he may also have a duty of confidentiality.

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