Chemicals Regulation

We are Stibbe Chemicals Regulation specialists

There are numerous regulations relating to chemicals and hazardous materials. Our team offers full assistance navigating clients through any application and compliance issues.

Chemicals Regulation

The world of chemicals regulation is highly complex. In response our expert team interprets the finer details into simple terms, allowing clients to assess the potential impact on their business affairs.

Our team of specialists assist in the application of, and compliance with, a wide range of EU-driven environmental legislations. These include REACH, SEVESO, RoHS directive, WEEE directive, End-of-Life Vehicles directive, NEC directive and general waste directives.

Further to this, we have in-depth experience regarding compliance with the Publications Series on Dangerous Substances, the transport and storage of hazardous materials and/or chemicals, and drafting environmental legislation for authorities.

Over the years we have assisted many clients on the potential impact of regulations on their business concerns. For example, the bearing of REACH on M&A activities and on the restructuring of companies; the impact of European Regulations and Directives on waste; the legal implications of chemical incidents and the effect of the national emissions ceiling from the NEC directive on individual environmental permits. 

Our team has also successfully handled litigation cases before national and European courts.

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  • 22.02.2018 NL law
    Stibbe advises on the construction of the Drentse Monden and Oostermoer wind farm

    Experience - On 21 February 2018, the Administrative Jurisdiction Department of the Council of State rendered its judgment on the construction of the Drentse Monden and Oostermoer wind farm. The zoning plan and other permits are now irrevocable and the construction of the wind farm, including 45 wind turbines, in the municipalities Aa and Hunze and Borger-Odoorn may begin

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  • 12.03.2012 BE law
    Stibbe advises on REACH obligations

    Experience - Advising a global industrial company on an overview of the minimal requirements and obligations as a company to comply with the European principles of duty of care regarding the presence of hazardhous substances in their product.

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14.02.2020 EU law
Does your everyday cleaning product qualify as a 'biocidal product' under European legislation?

Articles - On 19 December 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled on the concept of 'biocidal product', as defined in article 3 of Regulation 528/2012 on the making available on the market and use of biocidal products, in a case on a cleaning product primarily used "to ensure the absence of mould". According to the CJEU, the concept of ‘biocidal product’ is to be interpreted broadly, hereby also broadening the scope of application of Regulation 528/2012.

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18.10.2019 BE law
Grondwettelijk Hof vernietigt versoepeling landschappelijk waardevol agrarisch gebied!

Articles - De Codextrein is niet onbesproken. Reeds een aantal van de bepalingen die werden ingevoerd door de Codextrein stuitten op een ferme "njet" van het Grondwettelijk Hof. Het nieuw ingevoegde artikel 5.7.1. VCRO blijkt hetzelfde lot beschoren te zijn. Deze bepaling strekte ertoe komaf te maken met de zeer strenge (te strenge?) rechtspraak van de Raad voor Vergunningsbetwistingen en de Raad van State inzake landschappelijk waardevol agrarisch gebied (LWAG). Benieuwd naar de draagwijdte van deze bepaling en het vernietigingsarrest? Met deze blog bent u weer helemaal mee.

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24.12.2019 EU law
Climate change litigation: Dutch Supreme Court upholds Urgenda decision

Articles - On Friday 21 December 2019, the Dutch Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of the Dutch government in the Urgenda-case, hence upholding the order of the Court of Appeal of The Hague. The The Hague Court of Appeal ordered the Dutch State in 2018 (confirming the 2015 decision of the The Hague Court of first instance) to reduce Dutch greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to 1990, by the end of 2020. As other climate cases, such as the Belgian one, are in their final stages of proceedings, this decision sets an important precedent.

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10.10.2019 NL law
Valérie van 't Lam and Jan van Oosten speak during the Day of the Environmental and Planning Act

Speaking slot - Valérie van ’t Lam has been invited to speak at the “Companies, Environment and the Environment plan” session during the Day of the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet), which will be held on 10 October 2019. Besides Valérie, Jan van Oosten will speak at the session “Transitional law and the Environmental and Planning Act”.

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15.12.2019 NL law
'Stop de Omgevingswet'

Articles - Hoewel de Omgevingswet op dit moment voorligt bij de Eerste Kamer roept de wet uit verschillende hoeken twijfels op. Tijn Kortmann pleit samen met Jan van er Grinten in het Nederlands Juristenblad om de invoering van de Omgevingswet een halt toe te roepen, want: ‘beter ten halve gekeerd dan ten hele gedwaald’.

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02.10.2019 NL law
Follow-up Seminar: noise and the environmental plan

Seminar - Stibbe is organising a follow-up seminar on the subject of noise and environmental plan, to be held on 1 October 2019 in Amsterdam. The environmental plan will act as the central instrument in the Environmental Act, regulating use and development of the physical environment, distributing available environmental space, directing environmentally harmful activities and regulating cost recovery in the case of spatial developments. 

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