Chemicals Regulation

We are Stibbe Chemicals Regulation specialists

There are numerous regulations relating to chemicals and hazardous materials. Our team offers full assistance navigating clients through any application and compliance issues.

Chemicals Regulation

The world of chemicals regulation is highly complex. In response our expert team interprets the finer details into simple terms, allowing clients to assess the potential impact on their business affairs.

Our team of specialists assist in the application of, and compliance with, a wide range of EU-driven environmental legislations. These include REACH, SEVESO, RoHS directive, WEEE directive, End-of-Life Vehicles directive, NEC directive and general waste directives.

Further to this, we have in-depth experience regarding compliance with the Publications Series on Dangerous Substances, the transport and storage of hazardous materials and/or chemicals, and drafting environmental legislation for authorities.

Over the years we have assisted many clients on the potential impact of regulations on their business concerns. For example, the bearing of REACH on M&A activities and on the restructuring of companies; the impact of European Regulations and Directives on waste; the legal implications of chemical incidents and the effect of the national emissions ceiling from the NEC directive on individual environmental permits. 

Our team has also successfully handled litigation cases before national and European courts.

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  • 22.02.2018 NL law
    Stibbe advises on the construction of the Drentse Monden and Oostermoer wind farm

    Experience - On 21 February 2018, the Administrative Jurisdiction Department of the Council of State rendered its judgment on the construction of the Drentse Monden and Oostermoer wind farm. The zoning plan and other permits are now irrevocable and the construction of the wind farm, including 45 wind turbines, in the municipalities Aa and Hunze and Borger-Odoorn may begin

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  • 12.03.2012 BE law
    Stibbe advises on REACH obligations

    Experience - Advising a global industrial company on an overview of the minimal requirements and obligations as a company to comply with the European principles of duty of care regarding the presence of hazardhous substances in their product.

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05.04.2019 EU law
Brexit and chemical substances

Articles - The recent Brexit negotiations and votes by the British Parliament increase the risk of a hard Brexit, or at least a Brexit following which the UK would leave the EEA. In such case, chemical substances registered in the UK will no longer be legally registered under REACH, and import and export of hazardous chemicals will require prior approval. This blogpost elaborates on a few of the consequences for businesses.

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25.01.2019 NL law
Aaldert ten Veen joins the Dutch Council of State

Inside Stibbe - Aaldert ten Veen, partner and former board member of Stibbe, was today nominated by the Dutch government to be appointed to the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State. This appointment will take effect on 1 March 2019.

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01.04.2019 NL law
What is the Major Accidents (Risk) Decree 2015 and to which companies does it apply?

Short Reads - The Major Accidents (Risk) Decree 2015 (Besluit risico's zware ongevallen 2015) (Brzo) imposes far-reaching and immediate obligations on companies falling under its scope. It is therefore very important for a company working with dangerous substances to be able to determine whether the Brzo is applicable to its establishment. If this is the case, the company has to asses which rules under the Bzro apply.

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05.03.2019 NL law
Wetstechnische lenigheid in de Omgevingswet

Short Reads - De stelselherziening van het omgevingsrecht door middel van de Omgevingswet is een gigantische wetsoperatie. Het raamwerk van de Omgevingswet is al in 2016 in het Staatsblad (2016, 156) geplaatst. Daarmee is de stelselherziening nog niet afgerond. Door verschillende ministeries wordt nog gewerkt aan vier aanvullingswetten en een Invoeringswet die de Omgevingswet aanvullen en wijzigen.

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25.01.2019 NL law
Aaldert ten Veen treedt toe tot Raad van State

Inside Stibbe - Aaldert ten Veen, partner en voormalig bestuurslid van Stibbe, is vandaag door het kabinet voorgedragen om te worden benoemd tot staatsraad bij de Afdeling bestuursrechtspraak van de Raad van State. De benoeming van Aaldert gaat in per 1 maart 2019.

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15.01.2019 NL law
E-book: belangrijkste ontwikkelingen bestuursrecht en omgevingsrecht 2018 in blogs

Short Reads - De bestuursrechtadvocaten van Stibbe in Amsterdam bloggen regelmatig over actuele onderwerpen op het gebied van het bestuursrecht en het omgevingsrecht. In dit e-book zijn voor u de belangrijkste bestuursrechtelijke blogs over 2018 gebundeld. Deze blogs geven een goed beeld van de ontwikkelingen uit het afgelopen jaar.

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21.03.2019 NL law
15 aspects of Brexit you did not know

Short Reads - A Brexit without a deal, or with a deal that does not cover all relevant aspects, is still a potential scenario. We have highlighted a number of unexpected legal consequences of Brexit in such a no deal or incomplete deal scenario.

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28.01.2019 NL law
Actualiteitenseminar bestuursrecht 2019

Seminar - Op donderdag 24 januari 2019 vond ons Actualiteitenseminar bestuursrecht en omgevingsrecht 2019 plaats. Tijdens het seminar hebben we dé juridische ontwikkelingen op het gebied van het bestuursrecht en omgevingsrecht in 2018/2019 besproken. Alle informatie over dit seminar, waaronder de presentaties van de verschillende sprekers, treft u aan op MyStibbe.

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