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Corporate Fraud and Criminal Law

We are Stibbe Corporate Fraud and
Criminal Law specialists

The breadth of our expertise ensures clients are supported in any issue they face in fraud or white-collar crime matters.

Corporate Fraud and Criminal Law

From the start of any domestic or international investigation or prosecution, we provide immediate assistance and guidance to our corporate clients.

Dedicated to handling fraud and white-collar crime matters, our expert team provides assistance in matters relating to money-laundering, corruption and public procurement fraud, tax fraud, environmental criminal law and many other economic and criminal offences. Our team also offers practical advice on how to comply with regulations in order to prevent such violations.

We provide assistance right from the start of any investigation. For example, we are present during raids and interrogations by investigative authorities. We also have extensive experience in conducting negotiations with criminal authorities. 

When a case is brought before the criminal court against our client’s company or employees, we assist them during the entire procedure. We act in cases before the District Courts, Courts Of Appeal, Supreme Court, the European Court of Human Rights and Belgium’s Supreme Court (Hof van Cassatie/Cour de cassation) and the Netherlands Supreme Court (Hoge Raad). 

Working in close partnership with other departments of our firm – such as the tax law and public procurement law departments – we ensure that our clients enjoy all the benefits that our full service firm can offer.

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Market recognition

Chambers Award 2018

Belgium Law Firm of the Year

The corporate criminal law department at Stibbe is led by Daan Doorenbos, a ‘well-reputed attorney, especially recommended in the field of financial crime, front running and insider trading’.

Legal 500 2017, Fraud and White Collar Crime chapter
Who's Who Legal Awards 2018

Belgium Law Firm of the Year

Other specialists

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24.09.2020 BE law
Stibbe hosts a webinar on dawn raids organised by IBJ/IJE

Seminar - On 24 September 2020, several Stibbe lawyers ​​​​​explain the rights and obligations of companies when confronted with announced or unannounced raids. What do to when, for example, tax authorities, the competition authorities, police services or a bailiff are at your doorstep?

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23.06.2020 NL law
[Update] Eerste Kamer neemt wetsvoorstel UBO-register aan

Short Reads - Vandaag (23 juni 2020) heeft de Eerste Kamer het wetsvoorstel tot implementatie van het UBO-register aangenomen. Wij verwachten dat de wet nu spoedig in werking kan treden. Na inwerkingtreding van de wet moeten rechtspersonen zelf informatie over hun UBO’s verzamelen, bijhouden en registreren in het UBO-register. Bestaande rechtspersonen krijgen daarvoor 18 maanden de tijd. Nieuw op te richten rechtspersonen moeten hun UBO(‘s) echter al registreren wanneer zij zich voor het eerst aanmelden bij het handelsregister voor de registratie van hun onderneming.

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08.12.2020 EU law
Muriël Rosing on panel for GIR Interactive Regional Spotlight

Speaking slot - The Global Investigations Review (GIR) is organising the ‘GIR Interactive Regional Spotlight’ from 7 to 10 December 2020. During the conference on 8 December, Muriël Rosing will attend ‘Europe day’ and speak at the panel “The view from continental Europe – key trends impacting compliance and investigations”.

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23.06.2020 NL law
[Update] Dutch Senate adopts UBO register bill

Short Reads - Today (23 June 2020), the Dutch Senate adopted the bill to implement the Dutch Ultimate Beneficial Owner (''UBO'') register (''UBO register''). We expect the Act to enter into force soon. After the Act entered into force, legal entities will have to collect, maintain and register information about their UBOs in the UBO register. Existing legal entities will be given 18 months to do so. However, newly established legal entities must immediately record their UBO(s) when they first register their business with the trade registry.

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06.02.2020 NL law
Het Nederlandse UBO-register: vermoedelijk nog dit voorjaar operationeel

Short Reads - Het is de verwachting dat het Nederlandse Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)-register dit voorjaar operationeel zal zijn. Rechtspersonen moeten zelf informatie over hun UBO’s verzamelen, bijhouden en registreren in het UBO-register. Onze Stibbe UBO Webtool laat zien onder welke voorwaarden een natuurlijk persoon kan worden beschouwd als UBO en bovendien wordt duidelijk welke informatie dient te worden geregistreerd.

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