We are Stibbe Enforcement specialists


Once an arbitral award has been obtained, it still needs to be enforced. We assist our clients in all aspects of the post-award phase, including enforcement and set-aside proceedings, asset tracing, and settlement negotiations.

We handle disputes that involve complex and high value legal proceedings and attachments, across various jurisdictions simultaneously, on a daily basis. We have extensive experience in working with other top-tier firms outside our home jurisdictions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. These relationships are non-exclusive, and enable us to assemble the best team and contacts for each specific matter.

Our lawyers also appear in court to obtain interim and conservatory relief measures in support of an arbitral process. This includes attachments, injunctions or preliminary measures to preserve evidence. If required for the enforcement or setting aside of arbitral awards, Stibbe represents its clients all the way up to the Supreme Court (See also our Supreme Court Litigation team).

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