We are Stibbe Arbitration specialists

Active in both the national and international arbitration arena, we assist our clients with some of the most complex, high-stakes issues.


Stibbe's international arbitration team represents clients from all over the world in international arbitration proceedings.

As a leading firm, established over 100 years ago and featuring a Tier 1 dispute resolution practice, we ensure that our clients receive the full depth of our experience, skills and knowledge on the latest developments. Our objective is not solely to devise and implement strategies to meet our clients’ most vital commercial needs, but to work side-by-side with them with unrivaled dedication.

Our international arbitration specialists provide advice and advocacy to clients across all sectors and under the rules of all of the major arbitral institutions including ICC, LCIA, SCC, NAI and CEPINA, as well as ad hoc proceedings (including under the UNCITRAL Rules).

Our practice covers all arbitration-related issues. This includes obtaining interim and conservatory relief measures in support of an arbitral process from courts or tribunals, encompassing attachments, injunctions and preliminary measures to preserve evidence. Our lawyers appear before the courts to enforce arbitral awards or resist such enforcement, including proceedings to set aside arbitral awards. Where needed, we represent our clients all the way up to the Dutch or Belgian Supreme Court.

In the tradition of our firm, our international arbitration team is trained to work in multidisciplinary units. We have leading practices across practically all relevant sectors and areas of law in each of our main offices in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg - which allows us to quickly assemble integrated teams of lawyers, tailor-made to suit our client’s needs, to handle any specific arbitration or arbitration-related matter with all requisite knowledge and experience. These areas include Corporate and M&A, Real Estate and Construction, Energy Banking and Finance, Tax, IP and IT, and Competition.

More information on our areas of expertise can be found in the Practice Area list on the right hand side.

For more information on our overall Dispute Resolution practice, we also refer to our Litigation team and our Supreme Court Litigation team.

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16.01.2020 NL law
Wetgever, koester het burgerlijk procesrecht

Articles - Civiele procedures worden waarschijnlijk niet sneller en eenvoudiger met het Conceptwetsvoorstel modernisering en vereenvoudiging bewijsrecht en de Tijdelijke Experimentenwet rechtspleging. De wetsvoorstellen gaan uit van onjuiste veronderstellingen over het verloop van civielrechtelijke procedures en overspannen verwachtingen van de rol van de civiele rechter als alvermogende geschilbeslechter.

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08.07.2020 NL law
Dutch State breached duty of care in providing information to victims and surviving relatives of plane crash

Short Reads - Earlier this year, the District Court in The Hague ruled that the Dutch State is liable vis-à-vis the victims and surviving relatives of a 1992 plane crash in Faro, Portugal. The State was found liable because it is responsible for the information provided by the Dutch Aviation Safety Board (a government agency) to the victims and surviving relatives. This information, on the causes of the crash was deemed by the court to be incorrect and incomplete.

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18.03.2020 NL law
The impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on commercial contracts: force majeure?

Short Reads - Recent measures taken by the Dutch government to contain the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 (a novel Coronavirus) have led to an increase in questions regarding the consequences for commercial contracts. These measures influence society as whole, and have a serious impact on a wide range of specific sectors and industries. These measures have put the performance of commercial contracts, spanning activities ranging from delivering supplies to operating flights, under pressure. The following may provide some helpful general guidance.

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09.01.2020 BE law
Stibbe nomme trois Counsels et un Of Counsel

Inside Stibbe - Bruxelles, le 9 janvier 2020 – Le bureau bruxellois de Stibbe a nommé Delphine Gillet (droit européen et de la concurrence), Jan Proesmans (droit social et des pensions) et Sophie Bourgois (droit des litiges) en tant que Counsels. Elisabeth Baeyens (droit des litiges) est, quant à elle, nommée Of Counsel. Les nouvelles nominations ont pris effet le 1er janvier 2020.

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02.04.2020 NL law
Claims assigned to a litigation vehicle: who needs to prove what?

Short Reads - Two recent decisions from the Amsterdam Court of Appeal have confirmed that litigation vehicles cannot come empty-handed to the court, and should provide documentation regarding the assignments of claims they submit. The Dutch legal system allows companies and individuals to assign their claims to a “litigation vehicle” or “claims vehicle” that bundles those claims into a single action. In its decisions of 10 March 2020, the Court of Appeal ruled that it is up to litigation vehicles to prove that the assignments can be invoked against the debtor. 

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