Webinar: Next generation of international data transfers

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On 28 January 2021 at 11:00 am, our TMT lawyers Erik Valgaeren, Carolien Michielsen and Jan Joos host a webinar on the latest developments regarding international transfers of personal data. The webinar is organised by IBJ/IJE.

In July 2020, the groundbreaking Schrems II decision of the Court of Justice reset the scene for international data transfers. The decision annulled the US Privacy Shield and questioned the Commission’s standard contractual clauses, two mechanisms which allow transfers of personal data outside of the EU.

Both the new guidelines by the European Data Protection Board published on 11 November and the first draft of new model clauses by the European Commission published on 12 November shed new light on how businesses should interpret and adapt to Schrems II.

Can we still transfer personal data to the US and the UK? Do we need to adopt the new model clauses? What are “supplementary measures”? Are binding corporate rules the recipe for success? Those and many more questions will be discussed. The webinar will further clarify how businesses should prepare for the next generation of international data transfers by specifying a detailed step-by-step approach towards compliance.

The webinar is open for registration for company lawyers affiliated with IBJ/IJE (Instituut voor Bedrijfsjuristen / Institut des Juristes d'Entreprise).

If you are not a member of IBJ/IJE, you can send an e-mail to bruwebinar@stibbe.com and we will send you the link allowing you to attend.