Stibbe hosts a webinar on trade secrets in corporate matters organised by IBJ/IJE

On 20 October 2020, our IP partners, Ignace Vernimme and Philippe Campolini host a webinar on trade secrets in corporate matters.    

In our today’s knowledge based economy, trade secrets comprise a substantial portion of every company’s value. To determine the value of a company a due diligence of its IP portfolio, including its trade secrets is essential. A negligent assessment thereof can result in important issues delaying the transaction envisaged or leading to post transactions claims. 
Following topics will be addressed during the webinar: legal status of trade secrets after the adoption of the EU Trade Secrets Directive and its transposition in Belgium, ownership and control, how to identify trade secrets, protection mechanism to safeguard a company’s trade secrets, how to reduce the risk of know-how leakage post-transaction, how to prevent or solve possible third party claims.

The webinar is open for registration for company lawyers affiliated with IBJ/IJE (Instituut voor Bedrijfsjuristen / Institut des Juristes d'Entreprise).