Stibbe hosts a webinar on dawn raids organised by IBJ/IJE

BE Law

On 24 September 2020, several Stibbe lawyers ​​​​​explain the rights and obligations of companies when confronted with announced or unannounced raids. What do to when, for example, tax authorities, the competition authorities, police services or a bailiff are at your doorstep?

The webinar is open for registration for company lawyers affiliated with IBJ/IJE (Instituut voor Bedrijfsjuristen / Institut des Juristes d'Entreprise).


  • Introduction 
  • Invasion of the competition authorities - Sophie Van Besien and Peter Wytinck, partners EU Competition 
  • Search by police forces - Hans Van Bavel, partner Criminal Law and Charlotte Conings, associate Criminal Law
  • Invasion of the tax authorities - Wim Panis and Henk Verstraete, partners Tax 
  • Invasion of a judicial expert together with a bailiff - Ignace Vernimme and Philippe Campolini, partners Intellectual Property 
  • Conclusion and Q&A