Stibbe contributes to CFO Forum 2024

NL Law

Marieke Driessen, Derk Lemstra and Rogier Raas participated in the CFO Forum - The Annual Meeting 2024, organised by our partner Transformation Forums, on 23 May 2024. 

This year’s theme of the CFO Forum was ‘Balancing Risk and Opportunity in a Changing Geopolitical and Digital Landscape’. 

Marieke Driessen co-hosted the focus session about ‘The role of Finance in a Sustainable Growth Story’, together with Ebusco CFO Jurjen Jongma.

During the CFO Forum, financial executives explored strategies to navigate this transformative era of uncertainties driven by geopolitical shifts and economic volatility. 

Key insights that emerged from the keynotes and discussions:

  • Europe must place a stronger focus on innovation.
  • Real opportunities for companies in the Netherlands and Europe require a level playing field and a strengthened internal European market.
  • The public and private sectors need to join forces more effectively to address the current global crises.
  • Companies, including publicly listed ones, must develop a more pronounced long-term vision.
  • CFOs are pivotal in navigating their companies through this transformation by ensuring strategic resource allocation, fostering resilience, and enabling agility.
  • This era calls for unified leadership.

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