Stibbe advises Standard de Liège

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Stibbe advises Belgian football club Standard de Liège on its project to modernise and enlarge its stadium in Sclessin.

Stibbe advises Standard de Liège on the planning and construction process regarding the modernisation and enlargement of its iconic football stadium in Sclessin.

Sclessin is the most important football stadium in Wallonia. After the construction works, the stadium will count 35,000 seats (an addition of 7,000 seats) and the location will include additional facilities such as a shopping area, pharmacy and sports polyclinic. The brand new Business Campus with 14,000 sq.m. of office space will breathe new life into the area around the stadium.​ The construction works will start end of 2021.

The multidisciplinary Stibbe team is led by Rony Vermeersch and futher involves Stefan Odeurs, Wim Panis, Olivier di Giacomo, Renaud Smal, Marie Baes, Alexia Waucquez, Inès Aghlalou and Céline Moreau.