Stibbe advises Medios AG

NL Law
EU Law

Stibbe advises Medios on its acquisition of Ceban for around EUR 260 mio. Medios is a German pharmaceutical company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Dutch Ceban, short for Centrale Bereidingsapotheek Nederland, is based in Breda and prepares medicines, including ointments, tablets and capsules, for hospitals and pharmacies, also known as compounding. 

Ceban supplies over 200 hospitals and 3,300 pharmacies with prepared medicines and has its own pharmacy chain with 23 branches. In the Netherlands, Ceban is the market leader. In Belgium it is among the top three and in Spain among the top five market players. 

The acquisition of Ceban is an important milestone in the execution of Medios’ strategy to build the leading European Specialty Pharma platform. It enables Medios to set up an international network of GMP laboratories to become the preferred partner for compounding of personalized medicines.

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