Stibbe advises Hardt

NL Law

Stibbe advises Hardt on legal aspects in relation to the development of the Hyperloop technology.

Who is Hardt Hyperloop

Hardt originates from a TU Delft student team working to develop Hyperloop technology. Hyperloop is a revolutionary ground transportation system that can transport passengers from Amsterdam to Paris within an hour. The vehicles travel through a low-pressure environment, significantly reducing energy consumption. Unlike cars and trains it doesn’t use wheels, but will instead use a magnetic levitation system.

Collaboration: Stibbe and Hardt Hyperloop

Stibbe has provided insight into the impact of spatial planning and environmental law for the construction of the Hyperloop infrastructure. Furthermore, Stibbe has provided insight into tendering methods for the construction of the Hyperloop infrastructure, and whether a concession for the provision of public transport is required (on the basis of Dutch law with a look-through to European law). Knowledge on these legal issues was shared with Hardt in relation to their project with Royal Schiphol Group.

Stefan Marges, Project Manager at Hardt Hyperloop:

“The development of Hyperloop ventures into a complex realm that requires more than technological ingenuity. Vital to the success of bringing the product to market is to ensure a solid legal framework is in place. Stibbe’s experts guided us through the regulatory environment, providing us valuable and actionable advice on the various legal paths to pursue.”