Stibbe advises Clara Wichmann and NJCM

NL Law
The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports has imposed new obligations on the 'Nu Niet Zwanger' project of the GGD as a result of administrative appeal proceedings initiated by Bureau Clara Wichmann and the Dutch Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (NJCM). Stibbe assisted Bureau Clara Wichmann and the NJCM pro bono in these administrative appeal proceedings.

The 'Nu Niet Zwanger' project was initiated to help vulnerable women who do not wish to become pregnant with advice regarding contraception. Social workers pro-actively approach these women. Clara Wichmann and NJCM were concerned whether the human and women's rights were sufficiently safeguarded in the implementation of this project. Due to the outcome of the administrative appeal proceedings, the GGD must now devote specific attention to human and women's rights in the 'Nu Niet Zwanger' project and set up an accessible and widely known complaints reporting system for the participants.