E-book: the new way of working

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A step-by-step relaxation of home working measures can lead to new questions among employers. These include the question of whether employees can eventually be required to work in the office again for five days a week. In this e-book, we address the most important points for consideration.

Despite the re-introduction of government advice to work at home as much as possible on 19 July, it is expected that the home working measures will be relaxed in the long term. With that, a (partial) return to the office may be expected. This raises new employment law questions for employers.

Our Employment, Pensions and Incentives practice group discusses the recent developments in a new e-book. In this e-book, we discuss important issues related to (partially) working from home. We focus on:

  • Whether employees can enforce a right to work from home;
  • Privacy law aspects; and
  • Possible measures employers can take during and after the corona crisis.

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The new way of working