E-book: 'Sustainable Finance in Europe'

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Stibbe lawyers Marieke Driessen, Loes van Dijk and Ingrid van der Klooster contributed to the book 'Sustainable Finance in Europe' which was recently published. 


The book provides a comprehensive overview of the latest regulatory developments in sustainable finance. It combines insights from academic experts and practitioners within sustainable finance and financial regulation. It also analyses the risks facing institutions, authorities and investors as a result of climate change.

Marieke Driessen authored the chapter about Sustainable Finance: An Overview of ESG in the Financial Markets. 

Loes van Dijk co-authored the chapter about Corporate Sustainability Reporting, in which she describes the rapid developments in the field of sustainability reporting, specifically focusing on the implications of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Ingrid van der Klooster co-authored the chapter about The European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan and Other International Initiatives.

Please feel free to reach out to Marieke, Loes or Ingrid if you have any questions on sustainable finance, ESG and sustainability reporting, and the initiatives of the European Union in this regard, or if you wish to receive further information on their respective publications.

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