E-book NOW-2: Second Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure Work Retention

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On 17 March 2020, the Dutch cabinet announced the first emergency package of support measures to alleviate the economic consequences of the corona crisis. This emergency package inter alia comprised the First Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for the purpose of Work Retention (“NOW-1”) and the Temporary Bridging Measure for Self-Employed Persons (“Tozo-1”).

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In the first Stibbe e-book of 22 April 2020, we discussed these support measures and the general questions raised by the corona crisis in terms of employment law and privacy. In the second Stibbe e-book of 7 May 2020, we discussed significant developments regarding the NOW-1 and the Tozo-1 and looked ahead at the Second Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for the purpose of Work Retention (“NOW-2”).

In the meantime, sweeping government measures to combat spreading of the COVID-19 virus have been eased, with the Netherlands retreating from the intelligent lockdown step by step. The economic consequences of the corona crisis are still noticeable, however; expectations are that a recession is imminent that will take rather longer than initially expected. Accordingly, the Dutch cabinet announced a second emergency package on 20 May 2020. This emergency package consists of an extension of inter alia the NOW-1 and the Tozo and the introduction of new support measures.

In the first chapter of this third e-book, the NOW-2 is discussed. The Tozo and the other (tax) support measures are discussed in the second chapter. Finally, some practical guidelines are offered for employment law issues that may come up in this new phase of the corona crisis.

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