Steven Paridaens

Steven Paridaens

Steven Paridaens
Steven Paridaens
  • Senior Associate Luxembourg
  • T. +352 26 61 81 22
  • E. steven.paridaens E-mail me
  • Languages: Dutch, French, English, German
  • Admitted to the Luxembourg Bar: 2015

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07.11.2019 NL law
Banking & Finance 2019 Second Edition – The Netherlands and Luxembourg chapter

Articles - Maarten de Bruin, Rein van Helden, Rogier Raas and Robert Steeg have all contributed to the Chambers and Partners Banking & Finance 2019 Second Edition, providing the Netherlands chapter. The Luxembourg chapter was written by Gérald Origer, Jean-Marc Delcour, Steven Paridaens and Nicolas Pradel.

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