Niels Didden

Niels Didden

Niels specialises in complex commercial litigation.

In this area he focuses on a variety of matters regarding contractual and tort disputes including corporate fraud related matters, financial litigation, and disputes with a complex technical element.

Niels has a Master of Science in Economics & Business, Entrepreneurship, Organization & Strategy from Erasmus University (2011). In addition, he holds a Master of Laws in Civil Law, also from Erasmus University (2012).

Niels attended the Stibbe MBA Highlights Programme at INSEAD (2018).

  • Languages: Dutch, English
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 2012


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07.10.2015 NL law
The possibility of an unfavourable precedent is not a sufficient substantial interest to join legal proceedings between other parties

Short Reads - In its judgment dated 12 June 2015, the Dutch Supreme Court decided in the matter between TenneT and ABB that the potential precedent effect of a judgment resulting from certain legal proceedings did not constitute a sufficient substantial interest for a third-party to join in these legal proceedings. This will have an impact on future third-party applicants seeking to join in claims or cases between parties relying on the same or similar facts.

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