Jaap Waverijn

Jaap Waverijn

Jaap Waverijn
  • Junior Associate Amsterdam
  • T. +31 20 546 00 61
  • E. Jaap.Waverijn@Stibbe.com Jaap.Waverijn Stibbe.com E-mail me
  • Languages: Dutch, English

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05.03.2020 NL law
CBb confirms: no cartel fine, still interest to appeal cartel decision

Short Reads - Companies can challenge a decision establishing that they committed a competition law violation, even if no fine was imposed on them. The CBb – the highest court for public enforcement of cartel cases – recently confirmed that the absence of a fine does not affect a company’s interest to appeal. Consequently, parent companies held liable for a subsidiary’s cartel infringement can still challenge a cartel decision, irrespective of whether fines were imposed on them separately.

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